It is well known that C language is the most common programming language. In most cases the new compilers are C/C++ compilers and support multiple platforms. I believe that it is better each compiler to support one only platform. This is not a drawback, in my opinion, but an advantage because the compiler is smaller in size, faster and more compatible with the platform that supports. Since I program Windows platforms only and I prefer to program mainly in plain C, I decided to make my own plain C modern optimizing compiler for Windows 32 bit, named pcc32.

CoderStudio package includes:

1). A plain C Compiler 32 bit with its most common Header files.

2). A Linker 32 bit with the most common libraries.

3). A Resource compiler 32 bit.

4). An IDE that supports the above Tools, but it is yet under construction.






For discussion about CoderStudio, you can go to: CoderStudio